Britain-Japan Alliance

October 1886, the Normanton, an English vessel sank off the Kishu coast.All of English crews on board escaped while all 23 Japanese passengers drowned. The captain was accused of the death of Japanese passengers but a court by an English council determined the defendant not guilty. Receiving this tragic news from a servant, Emperor Meiji could not get to sleep that night with his anger and chagrin.When he finally fell asleep, he had a dream. The Emperor got awoke and he was on a beach of a small island. He walked around the island but he found nothing. As he kept wandering the beach, he met an old white woman sitting on a red sofa, dressed in mourning. The old woman looked as she also does n

New Year's resolution 2019

I spent time with my nephew and niece who seriously played hard during the New Year's holidays. I gained plenty of energy playing with them. I will be 34 years old this year, but I do not want to be defined by words like "mature" or "sophisticated" for a while. When I was younger, I felt that a 34-year-old person is supposed to be old enough to do something important. Now, I think that a human being cannot become fully evolved even if it takes their entire lifetime. I will continue to keep trying new things and I want to become a human being with a different set of values. Of course, I will accept and try to compensate for my shortcomings. While I do not know whether to call it growth or ch

A Church in Brooklyn

A few years ago I visited a church in Brooklyn for reasons. When I opened the entrance door, I saw a beautiful sight I've ever seen and deeply felt salvation. I am not Christian though. Since then I respect every religion. I do not know if God exists, but I would like to visit there again..

Ping Pong at Bryant Park

When you go along the tree lined path way of Bryant park, you can hear a rhythmically bouncing sound… The balls are weltered by sudden wind and people quickly move right and left. The ping-pong tables in Bryant park are surrounded by a variety of people. A young model from North Carolina, a MTA worker, a woman who works at a law firm, an accountant, a young bartender who dreams of becoming an illustrator, a dentist and so on. Every play differs from person to person. One is aggressively playing offence as if killing with a bowgun. One is carefully playing in the defensive style in order to let his opponent make mistakes. The ball soars up into the air and a man pounces on the ball to seal hi


東日本大震災に関する被害状況のまとめと、日本の政治状況を含めた今後の展開などについて伝えた記事。ニューヨークで震災とどのように接したか自分の個人的な体験もつぶさに説明した。また、核エネルギーについてや、米軍に対するおもいなどアメリカ人に知ってもらいたい事柄を簡潔に訴えるように心掛け執筆した。 記事詳細


本能に身をゆだね、トレイルへ行こう。 清らかな水の音に耳をすまし、今まで 見たことのない光景に目を見張る。 緑豊かな深い森の中で、それまでいた都会の音がかすかに耳から抜けていく。 そして、だんだんと無音の森に五感が慣れてくる。 そこには、未知なるトレイルがある。その先には、何があるのだろうか。 そこから見える景色がどんなものかをこの目で確かめてみたい。 そんな欲求が私たちの足をトレイルへと踏み出させる原動力となる。 グレゴリーのバックパックは、体にフィットする。 ユーザーと共にこれまで果てしなく長いトレイルを歩き、 高峻な山々を登り、最速で走り抜け、時にゆっくりと放浪の旅に出てきた。 晴れ渡る日中、雨降る夕暮れ、星空の夜、知らない土地での冒険を あなたにもっと楽しんでもらえるようにパックはデザインにされている。 ここにあるのは、グレゴリーが培ってきた精神や技術がすべて詰まったバックパック。 さあ、グレゴリーと共にトレイルへ出かけよう。 文章写真デザイン:青木優太

Don Quijote and Allegory of the cave

Painting by UTA It is a work depicting the space between the world of imagination and the real world. The world of imagination is spread beyond the gate which has a perfect circle shaped object. In the world of imagination, various creatures are placed in an ideal form, and Don Quixote is standing in the wilderness. And the Styx River flows like connecting the two worlds. It is a picture drawn in an apartment in New York, so the scenery seen from the window is based. The far rightmost object is the outer wall of the apartment with the emergency staircase peculiar to New York. The red sphere is basketball. The basketball court seen from the apartment is a motif. People in the real world are p



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