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Don Quijote and Allegory of the cave

Painting by UTA

It is a work depicting the space between the world of imagination and the real world. The world of imagination is spread beyond the gate which has a perfect circle shaped object. In the world of imagination, various creatures are placed in an ideal form, and Don Quixote is standing in the wilderness. And the Styx River flows like connecting the two worlds. It is a picture drawn in an apartment in New York, so the scenery seen from the window is based. The far rightmost object is the outer wall of the apartment with the emergency staircase peculiar to New York. The red sphere is basketball. The basketball court seen from the apartment is a motif. People in the real world are playing basketball. I picked the idea from the picture of Raphael that the person points to the full circle. It is the same way that Plato points to heaven in the painting called The School of Athen, claiming that the idea world exists.

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