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Ping Pong at Bryant Park

When you go along the tree lined path way of Bryant park, you can hear a rhythmically bouncing sound… The balls are weltered by sudden wind and people quickly move right and left. The ping-pong tables in Bryant park are surrounded by a variety of people. A young model from North Carolina, a MTA worker, a woman who works at a law firm, an accountant, a young bartender who dreams of becoming an illustrator, a dentist and so on. Every play differs from person to person.

One is aggressively playing offence as if killing with a bowgun. One is carefully playing in the defensive style in order to let his opponent make mistakes. The ball soars up into the air and a man pounces on the ball to seal his victory. The iron net strongly bounces off the smashed ball. He walks towards the ball that tumbled into the far aisle. He gathers his legs under him and stands up with the ball in his hand. The more you lose, the more you want to win. He comes back to the table silently then demands a new game with a big smile. The more you win, the more you will be challenged here. This outside ping-pong court was established in 2008. Paddles and balls are provided free of charge.

Written by Yuta Aoki

Photo by Unknown

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