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Mu and Jah

Two people from a tribe who have no language are in the jungle. A serpent looks at them.
The two are hairy twins. The other half is covered in blood, has a delicate body, and has an extremely crooked spine. Although he is languid, the glint in his eyes is firm, and you can feel the intelligence that makes you realize something. The other of the twins is well-built, primitive-looking, and angry about something. The two seem to want to go in different directions, and are arguing while pulling each other's arms. A snake is watching. When the two are tugging at each other, a snake suddenly comes to the side and bites the leg of the weaker man. The other half instantly grabbed the serpent, threw it aside, and killed it with a rock. The older brother shouted "Moo!" while holding the bloodied younger brother. The two made eye contact. The half-breathing half let out a thin voice like "Jah" while being held in the other's arms.

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There were seven hunter-gatherers in total. There were three women and four men. In order for the seven tribes to survive in the harsh nature, there were naturally born male and female roles. The women's job was to sharpen spears and gather nuts for hunting, and the men's job was to hunt animals. Mu and Jah were twins. Although they were a non-verbal tribe, they called each other that way. Mu was skinny, extremely crooked, and physically handicapped. Mu, who was not successful in hunting, was always left out, but Jar always cared about Mu, so he managed to survive in the tribe.


Mu has no motor nerves, but when hunting, Mu's role was to search for prey. Despite his weak body, Mu has a very good memory and knows the nests of prey such as birds, boars, and snakes. The roles were formed naturally, with Mu finding prey and the other three killing it. Mu shouted "Moo" whenever he found prey. The four were always able to catch a lot of prey. Mu, who finds prey, is also great, but the three who actually hunt were more powerful in the tribe. Bosses and number two always kept a small portion of the mu, and it became a matter of course in the tribe.board. Even the women who didn't know the actual situation because they didn't see the hunting trend were thinking down on Mu. But Jah didn't think so. And he was trying to give Mu a share as much as possible. So Mu was able to survive in the tribeNoda.

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On the night of the full moon, when everyone was asleep in their respective beds, the boss began mating with Woman 1. Mu, who woke up with a noise, witnessed mating. noticed thatThe boss who was there pushed Mu down and beat him to an octopus. Mu, covered in blood, fled the scene with a torch. The place I escaped to was a cave. Blood drips onto the rocks as Mu lies in the cave. Mu thought of something as he watched the blood flow down the surface of the rock.


The next morning, Jah notices that Mu is not in his usual bed. The boss knew the situation, but on that day, the three of them went out hunting with Number 2 and Jar. This time, Jar took the lead and started looking for prey. Jar had a hard time finding prey. The yield from hunting was smaller than usual. It seemed embarrassing for the men who always came home with a load of prey. Jah was very sad. No prey was found the next day.


Night after night, Jah went out with a torch in search of the missing Mu. Jah looked around for Mu. Two days later, Mu was drinking water from the river near the cave. I notice Jah's voice shouting "Moo". Mu approached the voice. Jah found Mu in the jungle.


Jah pulls Mu's arm to bring him back to the tribe, but he refuses. A snake was watching. When the two were pulling each other, a snake suddenly came and bit Mu's leg. Jah instantly grabbed the snake, threw it down, and killed it with a rock. Mu was exhausted. Jah hugged Mu and shouted, "Moo!"

Mu raised his arm, weak, and pointed towards the cave. Mu died pointing to the cave. Jah crying.


After a while, Jah became curious and walked towards the cave. When he arrived at the entrance, Jar sensed something and timidly went inside with a torch. Jar noticed something drawn on the wall. A startled Jar leaves the cave and returns to his tribe. Jah shouted "Moo" to call everyone back to his tribe. Boss and Number 2 responded to the voice and followed Jah with torches. Three people gathered near Mu's corpse lying in front of the cave. Jah went into the cave with the mysterious looking boss and Number 2 in tow. The walls are painted with various animal figures and four human figures hunting. Three people who saw the picture and were thrilled. One of the four is depicted with an extremely curved spine. Jah, who was the first to notice it, pointed his finger and yelled, "Moo!" The two men nodded with excitement. Pointing at someone who looked like Jah in the picture, Jah shouted Jah. After realizing the meaning of the word for the first time, the two men began to think of a name for themselves. Many words were born that night.

And within a few days they were able to have a strategy meeting to hunt prey. It was the moment when a tribe that had no language came to have a language.

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